Welcome to Tet Holiday at Phieng Lang Village

Phieng Lang is a small village in Xi Man district, Ha Giang province. The village is a home of 25 families with Hmong150 people. There is no health center or national power transmission except for a primary school with over 40 students. There is only one harvest season and the living standard is really low. Tet holiday is the biggest occasion in Vietnam, we like to bring them joy and happiness on this special event. 

Mission Date
The preparation:
We have asked for support from other people to pick up clothes, biscuit packages and noodles.
After working hours to put all the presents in order, Asiatica Travel volunteers are ready to go.
January 13: Hanoi - Ha Giang - Quang Binh: more 300km transfer. At 16.30, we got to Mr. Cuong’s house under the rain 500m on foot. It was already dark when we got to the simple house.
January 14: Quang Binh - Phieng Lang: 20 km car transferon a small trail. Walked in the rain for about 15km before reaching the village of Phieng Lang. We had lunch on the road and arrived in the middle of the afternoon to meet the locals. We gave presents to each family and visited the poorest ones.
January 15: Phieng Lang - Hanoi: We greeted the people and started again on the little trails for the return to Hanoi.

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