Unforgettable days in Khau De, Cao Bang


Located 400 km from Hanoi, in Bao Lam District (Cao Bang Province) Khau De is a small village of sixty H’Mong families, including 30 families in great difficulty.

All the villagers live on rice and corn farming, raise animals and poultries such as: cows, ducks, hens, etc. Their daily lives are still difficult and lack of essential facilities: no electricity, no running water (the locals normally have to use rainwater), no road,etc. To get to the village, you have to walk about 11km and the road even get worse in the rainy season as landslides. 

The children even do not have enough clothes to keep themselves warm in cold winter. Every day, 82 children go to school without socks, warm clothes.



Mission Date

August 16, 2013: Hanoi - Cao Bang - Khuoi Duoc:

By 6:00am, 6 Asiatica employees met in the agency to load the big bags of gift to the coach. There are clothes, school supplies and food from Asiatica’s personnel who had put their heart on voluntary mission to the poor villages. After 400km journey through beautiful mountain roads, we arrived at Khuoi Duoc Village at 20pm. We prepared dinner in our guest's dark little kitchen.

August 17, 2013: Khuoi Duoc - Khao Village Da - Khuoi Duoc (go on foot)

In early morning, the big bags were moved to motorcycle by the help of locals because the dirt road leading to the village is very narrow and full of gravels. On rainy days, the mud road is very slippery, dangerous and it takes hours to move. We walked 11 km on the steep slopes and after three hours walking we managed to get to elementary school of Khau De. We were greeted warmly by teachers and students, all of our difficulties and tiredness just disappear when villagers invited us home and told us about their lives which are so much tougher compared with what we experienced.


On August 18, 2013: Khuoi Duoc - Cao Bang - Hanoi

We returned to Hanoi with memories of Khau De’s unhappy lives. The volunteer trip is not only a chance for us to discover scenic nature landscape of the region but also importantly help us understand difficulties of people living here. It encourages us to do others long-term humanitarian missions to make this sustainable and meaningful activities.


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