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In the aftermath of the 30-year war, 6 million remaining unexploded landmines have destroyed and killed thousands of Cambodians every year. A large number of Cambodia people also suffer from polio and other dangerous diseases that cause disability.


KILT (Khmer Independent Life Team) is a Khmer organization for disabled people operated by Cambodian disabled people, working for their benefits in the society.


KILT seeks for the improvement of life, offer job opportunities and enhance the social integration of disabled Khmer (Cambodian) through vocational training and education in a sustainable method. The primary social purpose of KILT is creating job opportunities for the members of the association.


Founded in 2009, KILT House had to move twice to Siem Reap because of the severe flood disaster in 2009 and another one in 2010. Since February 24, 2010, the house has been registered and recognized in the list of Non-profit Organizations with the permission of Cambodia Ministry of Home Affairs.



CEO of KILT House - Mr. Muy Seu Bel (Bel) is a victom of landmines when he was 7. Being disabled since he was a child, Bel have deeply understood the problems of living in Siem Reap and the difficulty of seeking for job opportunities for disabled Khmer. Asiatica Foundation has contacted with Mr. Bel to arrange a visit to KILT House in June 2018. This is home to 12 orphants and children whose parents cannot raise. They live in KILT House and go to the sole everyday  then come back to the house to sleep. The children now can also learn English with study materials provided by Mr. Roberto Tartaglia from Italy.


On June 12, 2018, Asiatica Foundation Team will visit KILT House to bring the children the gifts and especially the smiles. We will prepare 12 packages, each includes notebooks, pen. crayon, rice, cooking oil, sugar and vegetable seeds.  


"Khmer Independent Life Team"

Mondul 3 Village, Sangkat Slorkram,  Siem Reap City,  Kingdom of Cambodia


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