Bring smile to Nguyet An on August 2015


On this volunteer trip, we decided to go to Nguyet An, Ngoc Lac district, Thanh Hoa province where is a home of Muong people. For a dream of better lives, young people have to leave their homeland to other places and seek jobs while the elderly remain in the village and take care of their grandchildren. They work hard and live hard on temporary straw roofs which are easily to be flew at once just after a wind storm. Here, going to school is the greatest effort of the family as well as people. It is not hard to capture pictures of young children have to work hard to support for family or have to stay at home to take care their little sisters/ brothers instead of going to school. Many of them even have to bet their live to go to school by swimming over to rivers to get to classes. They are moved samples for their fondness of learning. 

We visited two elementary school in Nguyet An which also plays as a nursery school in Mon Tia village, and tried our best to spread joy and happiness to people experiencing tough lives.

The new school year is coming, we would like to support children here, bring a happiness and share with them difficulties as much as we can.

Detail program:

I / Place : Nguyet An District, Ngoc Lac District, Thanh Hoa Province 

II / Time : 29 - 30/08/2015 

III / Contribution List

A. 15 Poor Students at Nguyet An School 2

For one student:

- 5 pens

- 1 set of textbooks

B. 44 humanitarian students (with the list)

For 1 pupil:

- 1 backpack

- 5 notebooks

C. 10 poorest families on three villages Mot - Mon Tia - Pheo: noodles / salt / sugar / clothing / blanket 

D. Also , School Contributions Nguyet An 2: Library Books (with Libraries), Book Cover

IV / Itinerary

- August 29 : departure from Hanoi at 07.30. In the afternoon, delivery of gifts to 15 pupils at Nguyet An school 2 + library books. Organizing some fun activities for students 

In the evening, visit a humanitarian class. Overnight at a volunteer's home in the mot

- August 30: Donate poorer families. After lunch, return to Hanoi

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