A winter day in Phien Pan, Cao Bang


We started a new volunteer project, the destination of this time is Phien Pan Village, in Can Yen Commune, Thong Nong District, Cao Bang Province. We are nine of Asiatica staff with the participation of two French customers. They are very happy to do this humanitarian mission. The French wife is a special woman who are able to sew t-shirts, caps, wool scarves and give them to the village children. 

From Ha Noi to the village of Phien Pan, it takes about 8 hours to drive. On the first day, we stayed overnight in the lodge of an inhabitant. Dinner is simple but welcoming with roasted meat, rice and boiled vegetables. We sit together around the fire to talk, while there was a frozen wind outside.

The next morning, we started our work early. With the support of 3 horses to bring big packages, we were reached to the village’s street on which children go to school every day. The road is only 3 km away but it gets longer because it is full of stone and gravel and finally we arrived at the village primary school. It is small building with tile roof having in 6 classes, with the slogan came up: "Every day to go to school is happy." 
We began to deliver gifts like socks, wool hats, etc for the students and rubber boots, scarves, etc for the pupils. Each family is given a pack of noodle, 2 salt bags, 1 bag of sugar and lots of sweets. Books are reserved for students and teachers who bring light to the remote village every day.
Life here is very difficult. To get rid of coldness, the children are only covered by torn clothes and wear broken sandals. We felt heart-broken to witness dirty faced by mud or bleeding feet due to cold weather.
Tomorrow the kids bring new clothes, new boots and we saw a happy smile on little faces.
The trip is closed with joy and even with regret. We greet the friendly people, the adorable kids and promise to come back soon. 
On this occasion, we would like to send a sincere thanks to Mr MARCO CASALI and Mrs FERRO PAOLA NADIA DIAMANTE (from Milan, Italy). When they arrived in Vietnam, they took their clothes to contribute to our humanitarian mission. Although they were on their travel way, they did not forget the less fortunate lives and tried to support them as much as they can. Thanks to noble souls! We hope they may return to Vietnam and attend our next itinerary to give smiles to life. 

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